About Us

Pre-Reg Shortcuts are a team of qualified Pharmacists who provide support, prepare and boost the confidence of trainee Pharmacists to succeed in the GPhC exam. 

We specialise in delivering exceptional and highly rated online sessions for calculations, clinical and the MEP for our preregshortcuts community. All courses cover the GPhC framework. 

Founded by our passionate co-founders Marvin Munzu and Umar Majid, we provide a facilitated online community which is convenient, accessible and equips trainee Pharmacists with the most up to date knowledge aligned with the GPhC framework. 

Meet The Team

Marvin Munzu(Managing Director and co-founder) is an experienced Pre-Reg tutor specialising in all the clinical aspects of the course. Marvin has a passion and a positive energy along with a natural gift for coaching trainee Pharmacists to succeed, which is obvious to see. He covers all the BNF chapters in detail in a series of interactive, fun and informative clinical webinars,  His webinars are extremely popular among students as he has a distinct ability to make complex topics very simple to understand.


Umar Majid (Managing Director and co-founder) is the ‘numbers guy’ our resident calculations tutor with a wealth of knowledge and experience. After having helped hundreds of students, his passion for learning and being a part of the preregshortcuts family grows stronger day by day. With his unique style of teaching calculations explaining key concepts with a lot of positive energy, he is devoted to every trainee Pharmacist. Umar also covers the MEP, a new unique community covering the MEP, highlighting key areas to learn for the exam in fun and interactive webinars. The courses are extremely popular among trainee Pharmacists with outstanding feedback. 

Suleman Idris (Student mentor): A qualified Pharmacist who is a part of the preregshortcuts family. He supports all of our trainee Pharmacists via our Telegram group, providing advice and guidance. 
Payal Radia (Community Manager):
Aimee Davidson  (Ambassador)
Mohsin Ikhlaq (Ambassador)
Rakchhya Kc (Ambassador)
Tanya Patel (Ambassador)
Zain Ahmed  (Ambassador)
Vincent Brown (Admin) Vincent known as ‘Vince’, works behind the scenes in admin, he is known for his smart and effective methods and is the best admin we could ask for. A gentleman, who goes the extra mile for trainee Pharmacists. 
Lauren Parkinson (Customer service administrator & I.T): Lauren has vast experience in customer service and ensures all our students are provided the best service. 

At Pre-Reg Shortcuts, we differentiate ourselves through our personalised approach, highly popular and interactive webinars, informative sessions with up to date clinical and MEP notes, GPhC style calculations questions including a full calculations mock.

We value our good relationships with all our trainee Pharmacists,  going the extra mile and sharing invaluable online content supporting all our trainees. With testimonials showing how successful our approach and methods have been towards supporting many trainee Pharmacists succeed in the GPhC exam