We are an online training community made up of a team of qualified Pharmacists, providing support to trainee Pharmacists to succeed in the GPhC exam. Our online community with the combo course is highly rated with outstanding pass rates. 

Our focus is delivering very educational, informative and interactive webinars covering all aspects of the GPhC framework in detail.

  • 100% money back guarantee on combo course course

  • 20 week course access for the 2023 exam with more content than ever before

  • Additional MEP & OTC courses available discounted 50% if you are already enrolled on the combo course

  • Training courses delivered from the comfort of your home with outstanding student pass rate

  • Access to a very support and exclusive Telegram group with summary sheets and 100+ GPhC practice questions 

  • Covers GPhC framework in detail (BNF, Calculations, MEP & OTC)

  • Detailed notes and summary sheets using latest resources

  • Outstanding customer service and student reviews 

  • Personalised and interactive sessions

  • Student discounts and offers

  • 24/7 email support

Pre-Reg Shortcuts was co-founded by Marvin Munzu (Clinical) and Umar Majid (Calculations & MEP)

  • Offer a refund (100%) if you are unsuccessful in the exam with no restrictions
  • Online training platform and all courses delivered online via webinars
  • Outstanding student reviews and pass rate 
  • Brilliant customer service
  • Incredible student offers and discounts
  • Unlimited number of FREE webinars and free pre reg resources
  • Free access to pre reg mailing list
  • Pre reg telegram group and facebook community
  • Tutors are very passionate with excellent delivery of sessions
  • Very personalised approach, interactive and supportive
  • Unlimited daily access to a range of clinical, calculation and MEP questions and answers
  • Access links to all free revision webinars
  • Free download of our e-book (Success secrets for pre reg students) RRP : £20
  • Clinical videos, summary sheets, high risk drug summaries and many more pre reg revision resources
The mailing list can be found on the home page

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Free webinars cover a variety of topics including: calculations, clinical, MEP among additional topics such as exam tips. The webinars usually have distinguished guest speakers and a Q&A session at the end. 

 For June 2023, our course is an automated recorded course with Q&A sessions. Your course access will be 20 weeks from the date chosen at checkout

You are able to enrol at any time of your choosing, if you’d prefer to join early, you can do so, if you’d prefer to join 20 weeks before the June 2023 exam, you can join 20 weeks before the November 2023 exam too 

Our Q&A sessions will take place weekly until January 2023 please click on courses for more information, after January 2023 they will be recorded 

You will receive confirmation emails after joining within 48 hours with information on how to enrol and have access to the course 

We are very excited to announce our MEP & OTC course for the 2023 GPhC exam

This course is available separately if you are not enrolled on our combo course:

MEP- https://preregshortcuts.com/product/mep/

OTC- https://preregshortcuts.com/product/otc/

MEP & OTC bundle discounted 50% OFF for combo course trainees- https://preregshortcuts.com/product/otc-mep-course-bundle/ 

Your course access will be until the June 2023 exam regardless of the time joined 

Detailed emails and information on how to gain access to course material, provided there are spaces available. 

Combo course: Can join at any time, your course access will be 20 weeks your chosen start date, there will be no pausing or switching so please decide carefully, once your 20 weeks starts please use the time wisely to revise 

MEP & OTC course: access until the June 2023 exam only 

Combo course

Calculations- 12 webinars lasting a minimum of 1.5 hours each 

Clinical – 22 webinars lasting a minimum of 2 hours each

Separate courses

MEP- 10 webinars lasting 1 hour each starting 6th February 2023

OTC- 10 webinars lasting 1 hour each starting 7th February 2023

Enrolment will be confirmed via email after purchase. The email confirmation may go to your junk mail. If the purchase goes through, it means you have been enrolled and will receive a confirmation via email followed by a guide as to what to do next.

We no longer offer 1-2-1 training however our courses contain a very small number of students, we also never move past unless all students are good to proceed further and ensure all questions are answered during the webinars. 

If you have purchased the combo course you are unable to switch to another course, so please choose carefully before joining 

You would need to enrol again this would be at half price (50%) using code INSTALMENT1,  please email info@preregshortcuts.com if you require assistance 

This may mean the course is full, however please info@preregshortcuts.com and we may be able to assist. 

The combo course (Calculations + Clinical) is offered at a discounted price of £449 from £599

If purchased separately the calculations and clinical course would both cost £599. Purchasing the combo package saves you £150 instantly. 

A 50% discount is available on the MEP & OTC bundle if you are enrolled on the combo course https://preregshortcuts.com/product/otc-mep-course-bundle/

Once course 
Please add the course to your cart, at checkout either click:
pay with Klarna (for debit/credit cards) 
Pay Later with Paypal
This will automatically set up 3, 0% interest instalment payments. Follow the on screen instructions to see your payment options

You will be sent all information after enrolling on the course within 48 hours of joining

Combo course webinars can be accessed if you choose to join today, within 48 hours of enrolment

MEP & OTC webinars will take place live from 6th February 2023 


Due to copyright reasons, we cannot send out lecture slides or mock papers. You are free however, to make notes during the webinar and when accessing replay videos.

You’re free to try however we advise using a computer/laptop using Google Chrome and cannot guarantee the webinars working on the phone. 

We understand being a Trainee Pharmacist, the work hours will vary on top of our personal circumstances and not all students won’t be able to attend live Q&A sessions for the combo course. 

A replay video of the live Q&A will become available within 24 hours of webinar start time

Live Q&A sessions will take place from October 2022 until January 2023 for 12 weeks, enrolling after this time will mean your Q&A sessions will be recorded


There are Q&A sessions for the combo course only

This webinar will take place in June 2023, date to be confirmed, please register to the mailing list for futher updates 

A calculations mock will be sent to you after completion of  the calculations course. There is no mock paper for the clinical course. 

To be eligible for a refund you must attempt the exam in June or November 2023. Refunds are not available for any other reasons. If you require the course at a later date you are able to re-enrol using code INSTALMENT1 for a 50% discount for a further 20 weeks access

Once enrolled you are unable to withdraw from the course. 

Refunds are only available on the combo package and you must attempt the exam in June/ Nov 2023 

Here is what you get refunded if you are unsuccessful;
Unsuccessful calculations only- £50 refund
Unsuccessful clinical only- £349 refund
Unsuccessful both papers (1 and 2)- £399 full refund
We would not charge the admin fee, you would receive the £399.

If you joined the course at £449 the calculations refund would be £100 

MEP & OTC courses are exempt from refunds 

If you have been unsuccessful, please email us within 2 weeks of results day to request a refund if on the combo course.

Refunds will only be authorised once we receive a copy of your GPhC results. This will be done via email only at info@preregshortcuts.com 

If for any reason any future exam is cancelled. This will count as a pass and no refund will be issued. Refunds are issues if you are unsuccessful in an exam attempt. 

You can contact us via email info@preregshortcuts.com and Calendly https://calendly.com/preregshortcuts/15min

For enquiries about our combo course, visit the FAQ section of our website. If you have further questions, email us at: info@preregshortcuts.com or book a free consultation call about the combo course, click on the link below to speak to a member of our team