• Flagship masterclass covers GPhC clinical and calculations course
  • Available to join at any time of your choosing, the revamped automated recorded course comprising of 22 clinical webinars, 12 calculations webinars, 23 Q&A sessions, access for 20 weeks with over 80 hours of high quality content
  • Suitable for trainee Pharmacists attempting the GPhC exam in June/November 2023 
  • Full money back guarantee if unsuccessful in each individual paper 
  • Works out to be the best value for money, separately would be £599
  • See below for more information 






Please note if the course is purchased after 15th June 2023, the access will be until the November 2023 exam 

What to expect after joining the course:

  • 22 clinical & 12 calculations webinars with over 80+ hours interactive webinar content

  • 30+ hours Q&A study webinars covering BNF updates & more calculations

  • A full calculations mock paper with answers

  • Access our Telegram group with revision resources including mindmaps and summary sheets

  • 50% discount to our popular MEP & OTC course

Combo Package Deal AVAILABLE NOW see options at checkout 

OUR BEST SELLER: The revamped automated recorded combo course with live Q&A programme combines both of our flagship master classes containing:

Additional BNF updates video ensuring course is up to date

A 34 webinar automated recorded course on the entire BNF and Calculations with over 80 hours content

23 Live Q&A sessions

8 bonus calculations questions videos

Motivational webinar

FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : We are so confident you will benefit from this course. That’s why we offer 100% full money back guarantee for each individual paper which you are unsuccessful in the exam.

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When is the course available and for how long?

The automated recorded course will be available from any time, and you will have access for a total of 20 weeks from your chosen start date

There are 22 clinical and 12 calculations webinars with more than 80 hours of content, our current combo course is longer than ever before with more access time too.

In addition, there will be a twice a week live Q&A session on Monday (clinical) and Tuesday (calculations) evenings 8pm till 9pm, please see structure below. The Q&A sessions are designed for live interaction with the group, BNF updates and more calculations questions 

This course is automated recorded, will there be a live course?

Following feedback, our course will be automated, this automated recorded course with live Q&A sessions has a pass mark above the national average.

The live Q&A sessions create the feel of a live course, giving an opportunity to interact with Marvin & Umar, whilst giving you the benefits of automation. 

Q&A sessions (live sessions now finished) 


Any time after 17th January 2023 

How is the 2023 GPhC exam combo course better compared to the last course?

I can’t pay the full amount in one go, can I split the payments? 


Please click the following option at checkout use:

pay with Klarna at checkout 


Pay Later with Paypal

This will automatically set up 3, 0% interest instalment payments. Follow the on screen instructions to see your payment options 

I have joined this course but have now decided that I would like to join later, what can I do? 

We would advise on planning your revision as there will be no option to switch or pause access, under any circumstances, you would need to re-enrol at a discounted price, please email


100% money back guarantee (NO WIN NO FEE)

20 week access to the combo course from date of joining, more than ever before, which had a pass mark of 92%

Live Q&A session twice a week starting on 10th October 2022 8pm-9pm following the structure of the combo course below for 12 weeks

Outstanding pass rate

Experienced and passionate tutors

Covers entire GPhC framework in much detail

Full mock calculations paper

Questions done under timed conditions

Access to webinar replay videos for any missed sessions

24/7 email support

Interactive sessions, peer support and many practice questions

Access to summary sheets and mind maps

Massive product discounts

Very positive students feedback

Motivational and exam technique sessions

Guest speakers

Access to the Telegram group


You can join the course at any time but the access will end 20 weeks after your chosen date, so please choose your 20 weeks carefully. 

Once you enrol, you will be sent a series of emails which will explain on how to access the course

There will be a live Q&A session twice a week from October 2022 until January 2023

If you were to join after January 2023 after this date the Q&A sessions will be recorded

LIVE Q&A SESSIONS 8-9pm October-January 2022 (now available as automated recordings)

Monday- Clinical Q&A

Tuesday- Calculations Q&A


10th October

Clinical: intro/BNF 84 updates

24th & 25th October

Clinical: GI

Calculations: intro/GPhC updates/building good revision habits

31st October & 1st November

Clinical: Cardio

Calculations: Infusions

7th & 8th November

Clinical: Respiratory

Calculations: Pharmacokinetics

14th & 15th November

Clinical: Chapter 10-16

Calculations: Displacement volumes and values

21st & 22nd November

Clinical: CNS

Calculations: Health economics

28th & 29th November

Clinical: Infections

Calculations: concentrations and dilutions

5th & 6th December

Clinical: Endocrine

Calculations: molecular weight and calcs using provided formulae

12th & 13th December

Clinical: Genito-urinary

Calculations: dosage, unit conversions and dose regimens

19th & 20th December 

Clinical: Immune system

Calculations: quantity to supply and estimation of kidney function

9th & 10th January  

Clinical: Nutrition and blood

Calculations: calculations paper 2 questions

17th January  

Calculations: maths skills/mock paper answers

23rd January  

Clinical and calcs final Q&A

Above Q&A sessions are sent as recordings when joining the course 




The clinical course covers the entire GPhC framework in detail as outlined below


Each webinar lasting at least two hours

Webinar 1,2,3,4

Cardiovascular system + Eye + Emergency treatment of poisoning

Webinar 5,6,7

Nervous system+ Immune system & malignant disease

Webinar 8,9, 10

Endocrine system +Vaccines+ Anaesthesia

Webinar 11,12

Infection , skin, + ear, nose & oropharynx

Webinar 13,14,15

Gastro Intestinal System & respiratory system

Webinar 16,17

Blood & nutrition + Genito-urinary


Webinar 18

Musculoskeletal system

Webinar 19,20,21,22

Central Nervous System


Each webinar lasting at least 1.5 hours

Webinar 1

Structure of the GPhC exam, discuss good and bad revision habits, SPC structure

Webinar 2

Infusion rates

Webinar 3


Webinar 4

Displacement volumes

Webinar 5

Molecular weight

Webinar 6

Calculations using provided formulae

Webinar 7

Health economics

Webinar 8



Webinar 9

Quantities to supply

Estimation of kidney failure

Webinar 10

Calculations GPhC paper 2 style questions

Webinar 11

Maths skills

Webinar 12

FULL Mock Exam (40 questions & answers )

Interested in joining but have questions after reading the FAQ ( page?

Book a phone call using for questions relating to the combo course

Refund/Extension Policy

Refunds and free extensions are available, only if the exam is attempted in June/November 2023 with an unsuccessful attempt

There will be no pausing or switching course access, if you require additional access after 20 weeks you are able to re-enrol please email 

Refund Policy

Refunds are available, the exam must be attempted in June/November 2023

If exams are cancelled for any reason this will count as you passing the exam and no refund will be issued.

Full refund minus £30 admin fee is withdrawn before course start date, no refunds once course starts

Full refunds based on the individual paper e.g.

Unsuccessful calculations attempt only -calculations refunded (£100)

Unsuccessful clinical attempt only- clinical refunded (£349)

Unsuccessful in both parts of the exam-both refunded (£449)

Full refund policy is ONLY for trainee Pharmacists who attempt exam in 2023 and applicable to the Combo course

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