Clinical course- JUNE/SEPTEMBER 2021


  • Covers entire BNF and GPhC framework
  • Fun and interactive
  • Easy to remember acronyms, revision sheets, tips and summaries
  • BNF covered in bitesize chunks
  • 16 webinars lasting 2 hours each
  • See below for more information




This course covers the entire BNF and follows the GPhC framework.

When does the course start and for how long?

3rd February 2021

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How do I access the course?

Once you enrol on the course, you will be sent a webinar access link. Use this link to access the course each week. Make sure you access the course using chrome and not internet explorer for quality. You can access the live webinars from a PC, laptop, iPad or iPhone. (Note: May not work on all models of iPhone and iPad)

What if I can’t attend a session?

All trainees will have access to replay videos of all the webinars straight after each class. The replays will be accessible after the class. So make sure to watch the replay videos to catch up on any missed sessions

What is covered on the course?

The course covers the entire GPhC framework in detail as outlined below

Week 1

Cardiovascular system + Eye + Emergency treatment of poisoning

Week 2

Nervous system+ Immune system & malignant disease

Week 3

Endocrine system +Vaccines+ Anaesthesia

Week 4

Infection , skin, + ear, nose & oropharynx

Week 5

Respiratory system

Week 6

Blood & nutrition + Genito-urinary

Week 7

Musculoskeletal system & Gastro Intestinal System

Week 8

Central Nervous System


Refund Policy

There are no refunds for this course. Refunds are only available on the combo course.