Course Reviews

Hi Marvin and Umar!

Thank you so much for the help and support that you provided throughout your calcs and clinical sessions! I passed first time.

Before I signed up to your course my revision was all over the place and I felt I had no structure. Your course provided structure and actually made me look forward to revision!


Hey Marvin And Umar,

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of heart. I passed first time!! I remember joining the course, feeling very stressed and doubting myself. You guys gave me so much confidence; I really looked forward to your webinars. I did the combo course, and also signed up to the MEP course. I would definitely recommend your course to any pre-reg.

Thank you again


Hi guysssss

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help and support the past year, I feel like you’ve helped me so much this pre reg year and you’ve been with me since the start. I watched every single free webinar and then signed up to the calcs webinar in November and then the clinical and then the MEP. I would never ever have been able to pass this exam without those webinars they literally saved my life, I only revised from them and then past papers, that’s literally all I did, but I literally watched them sooo many times and wrote them all out and read over them and summaries them down till it was all engraved in my brain. I was so excited when the webinars came out for clinical in February and looked forward to them every week. I didn’t care about how much it was because it’s all an investment into passing and that money can be made real quick once you pass, I just throughly for the first time ever actually enjoyed revising because your clinical notes were summarised so nicely from the bnf and it was so easy to understand from and your explanations were so good that I always got excited to start revising. And omg the MEP notes honestly I didn’t even touch the MEP just watched your webinars made the notes and read through them about 3 times ( not as much as clinical), but there were so many questions in the exam on it the notes helped so much even the calcs webinars from November and all the hints and tips. You guys I can’t explain enough how much those webinars helped me. Both me and my friend Forkan have been with pre reg shortcuts since the start of the year and we both passed because of your amazinggggg webinars. Finding out I passed on Friday was without exaggeration the best day of my life and the best feeling ever after going through such a crazy pre reg year. I’m now going to take the whole of August off and enjoy my wedding next week.

Once again I can’t thank you both enough for everything and I’d be more than happy to join one of your future webinars to give advice out to other pre regs and my experience of it.


I passed thanks for all your help and support. Much appreciated. I really found these webinars useful and thanks for extending and keeping the recordings open for longer – helped me get the most out of the course.

Many thanks


Just wanted to say thank you both so much for helping me pass the pre reg exam! Your enthusiasm, passion, energy and obviously knowledge helped create a fun working environment for us. This was my third attempt and therefore can’t thank you enough. I will be recommending you to every pre reg I know in the future.

Thanks so much guys!


thanks Marvin. I did use your YouTube videos and they helped me pass clinical so I will hopefully sign up to calculations

Hi Marvin. I passed the exam. Thanks so much for your help and notes! They really helped!
Dev Patel
Hey Marvin I just wanted to thank you for all your help during pre reg I really did appreciate it!! I’ve passed my pre reg exam now it was my third attempt so i was going through a very difficult time..thank you once again for all the online support and resources you gave us access to!!

Hi Umar and Marvin!

I am extremely pleased to say that I have passed on my 3rd attempt!!! Woohooo

I am very grateful and very relieved. Studying with my 1 year old son was challenging, especially with the added pressure of it being my final attempt. But against all odds I have done it. Thanks so0 much for the great content, support and motivation.

Kind regards


Hi Marvin and Umar,

Hope all is well. I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to both of you. I passed the exam with flying colours.

At the beginning of Pre-Reg I was very overwhelmed with all of the work that was needed. Working a 40 hour week and then on top of that trying to find the time to study seemed completely impossible. After starting your webinar series, the main thing that helped  was the structure and the set study times in the evening as well as the knowledge the replays were always there to go over. The programme ensured I stopped feeling overwhelmed and made space for bitesize chunks allowing the goal to seem achievable. It actually made me realise how much I missed learning (makes me sound like such a loser I know) I couldn’t get over how much I actually learnt from each session and from the live discussion. Thank you both for all your help and support.

Many Thanks

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